Career Advisors


A Career Advisor is assigned when the student accepts a position in the MSTP to assist with choosing a rotation laboratory, and to address any questions about the MSTP, Graduate Programs, and transitions.  The Career Advisor meets with the student upon matriculation into the MSTP and then meets with the advisee at least biannually to discuss student progress, plans, and any concerns.  Listed below are the current Career Advisors for academic year 2017-18.


Advisor E-mail Program
Elias Aizenman, PhD Neuroscience (CNUP)
Aaron Batista, PhD Bioengineering
Sarah Berman, MD PhD Neuroscience (CNUP)
Timothy Billiar, MD
Lisa Borghesi, PhD Immunology
Harvey Borovetz, PhD Bioengineering
Paula Clemens, PhD Molecular Genetics and Developmental Biology
Keith Cook, PhD  
Brian Davis, PhD Neuroscience (CNUP)
Marie DeFrances, MD, PhD
Donald DeFranco, PhD Molecular Pharmacology
James Faeder, PhD Computational Biology
Robert Ferris, MD, PhD Immunology
JoAnne Flynn, PhD Molecular Virology and Microbiology
Steven Graham, MD, PhD Neuroscience (CNUP)
Teresa Hastings, PhD Neuroscience (CNUP)
Rebecca Jacobson, MD
Daniel Kaplan, MD, PhD
Saleem Khan, PhD Molecular Genetics and Developmental Biology
Thomas Kleyman, MD Cell Biology and Molecular Physiology
Janet Lee, MD
Satdarshan (Paul) Monga, MD Cellular and Molecular Pathology
Vishwajit Nimgaonkar, MD, PhD Human Genetics (GSPH)
Dan Normolle, PhD
Tim Oury, MD, PhD Cellular and Molecular Pathology
Caterina Rosano, MD Epidemiology
Maria Rubio, MD, PhD Neuroscince (CNUP)
Russell Schwartz, PhD Biological Sciences (CMU)
Gwendolyn Sowa, PhD Bioengineering
Richard Steinman, MD, PhD Molecular Genetics and Developmental Biology
Alan Sved, PhD Neuroscience (CNUP)
Pei Tang, PhD Molecular Pharmacology
Nathan Urban, PhD Neuroscience
Kenneth Urish, MD, PhD Bioengineering
Patrick  van der Wel, PhD Molecular Biophysics/Structural Biology
Josie van Londen, MD  
Shyam Visweswaran, MD, PhD Biomedical Informatics
David Volk, MD, PhD  
Yu-li Wang, PhD Biomedical Engineering (CMU)
Stephen Weber, PhD  
Kurt Weiss , MD
Alan Wells, MD Cellular and Molecular Pathology
Sally Wenzel, MD  
Clayton Wiley, MD, PhD

Cellular and Molecular Pathology