Statins attenuate outgrowth of breast cancer metastases by Colin Beckwitt
October 1, 2018

From the article:
BACKGROUND: Metastasis in breast cancer foreshadows mortality, as clinically evident disease is aggressive and generally chemoresistant. Disseminated breast cancer cells often enter a...
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The Association between Mental Health Disorders and History of Unintended Pregnancy among Women Veterans by Colleen Judge-Golden
September 5, 2018

From the article:
BACKGROUND: Women Veterans have high rates of mental health disorders and other psychosocial factors which may render this population particularly vulnerable to negative health outcomes associated with unintended...
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Evolving systems biology approaches to understanding non-coding RNAs in pulmonary hypertension by Lloyd Harvey
September 2, 2018

From the article: Our appreciation of the roles of non-coding RNAs, in particular microRNAs, in the manifestation of pulmonary hypertension (PH) has advanced considerably over the past decade. Comprised of small nucleotide sequences,... [ read more ] [ link to publication ]

Mitochondrial metabolism in pulmonary hypertension: beyond mountains there are mountains by MIranda Culley
August 31, 2018

From the article: Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a heterogeneous and fatal disease of the lung vasculature, where metabolic and mitochondrial dysfunction may drive pathogenesis. Similar to the Warburg effect in cancer, a shift from... [ read more ] [ link to publication ]

Hepatocyte-Derived Lipocalin 2 Is a Potential Serum Biomarker Reflecting Tumor Burden in Hepatoblastoma by Laura Molina
August 1, 2018

From the article: Hepatoblastoma (HB) is the most common pediatric liver malignant tumor. Previously, we reported co-activation of β-catenin and Yes-associated protein-1 (YAP1) in 80% of HB. Hepatic co-expression of active β-catenin and... [ read more ] [ link to publication ]

Aiming for the target: Mitochondrial drug delivery in traumatic brain injury by Andrew Lamade
July 30, 2018

From the article: Mitochondria are a keystone of neuronal function, serving a dual role as sustainer of life and harbinger of death. While mitochondria are indispensable for energy production, a dysregulated mitochondrial network can spell... [ read more ] [ link to publication ]

Distinct neural processes for the perception of familiar versus unfamiliar faces along the visual hierarchy revealed by EEG by Elliot Collins
June 30, 2018

From the article: Humans recognize faces with ease, despite the complexity of the task and of the visual system which underlies it. Different spatial regions, including both the core and extended face processing networks, and distinct... [ read more ] [ link to publication ]

Alterations in cortical interneurons and cognitive function in schizophrenia by Samuel Dienel
June 22, 2018

From the article: Certain clinical features of schizophrenia, such as working memory disturbances, appear to emerge from altered gamma oscillatory activity in the prefrontal cortex (PFC). Given the essential role of GABA neurotransmission... [ read more ] [ link to publication ]

Cell‐Lineage Tracing in Zebrafish Embryos with an Expanded Genetic Code by Wes Brown
April 27, 2018

From the article: Cell‐lineage tracing is used to study embryo development and stem‐cell differentiation as well as to document tumor cell heterogeneity. Cre recombinase‐mediated cell labeling is the preferred approach;... [ read more ] [ link to publication ]

Fighting Bacterial Pathogens in the Lung: Platelets to the Rescue? by Tolani Olonisakin
March 1, 2018

From the article: Pseudomonas aeruginosa is an extracellular Gram-negative, bacterial, opportunistic pathogen that exploits immunocompromised hosts. Although it is notorious for its ability to persist in the cystic fibrosis... [ read more ] [ link to publication ]