Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight - Maryanna Owoc

Maryanna Owoc, G4

Research interest / current research work: 

My PhD work is focused on understanding the role of inhibition in the inferior colliculus (IC) after noise exposure. Currently, I am interested in characterizing the fate of transplanted embryonic medial ganglionic eminence (MGE) cells in the IC as a means to increase inhibition in naïve and noise exposed mice.

Student Spotlight - Britt Chamberlain

Britt Chamberlain, MS2 

Research interest / current research work:

I’m interested in using novel technologies to probe the neural circuits underlying psychiatric illnesses. Most recently, I’ve been using in vivo calcium imaging  and optogenetics to dissect the contributions of subpopulations of striatal neurons in generating compulsive behaviors and in a mouse model with relevance to OCD.