How long does it take to complete both degrees?

The average length of time to complete both degrees is 7.6 years. Generally, students will take 6 years or 8 years depending on the nature of their graduate research. 

How many recommendation letters are required for the MSTP application?

We require two letters of recommendation submitted online from instructors and or/scientists who are conversant with the student's research training.

How are MSTP students supported?

MSTP students are fully supported through the entire program. Tuition, health insurance, and stipend are supported by a combination of funds from a National Institute of Health training grant, individual graduate programs, and School of Medicine funds. 

Are non-US citizens eligible for support?

Permanent residents are eligible for admission, but due to federal funding restrictions, we do not accept applications from international students. 

How many applicants get interviewed and admitted yearly?

Typically, about 70 applicants are invited to interview. On average, we admit about 10-12 every year.

What is the application deadline?

The deadline for the School of Medicine and MSTP Supplemental Application is Monday, October 17th. We do not grant application deadline extensions.

Does the Pitt-CMU MSTP have rolling admissions?

Yes, we accept students on a rolling basis. Therefore, it is very important to complete the application, including recommendation letters as early as possible. 

If my application is turned down by MSTP, can I still be considered for the regular MD program?

Yes, you will still be considered for admission into the School of Medicine.  If accepted, you would have the option of applying to the MSTP during your second year of medical school.  If you are not offered an interview by the MSTP but still wish to be considered for the medical school, you will have until October 15th to change your application type in AMCAS. 

What does the MSTP Admissions Committee look for?

Although academic qualifications for admission to the medical school are determinants in the decision process to interview, we also look for sustained and productive research experience.