Student Committees

MSTP Student Committee

The MSTP Student Committee is the umbrella organization for all student-run activities within the MSTP. All MSTP students are members, with the chair being an elected position. The chair manages standing committees, organizes new committees as required, and assists subcommittees in their efforts. Given that MSTP students are important drivers of program improvements, the chair also advises students regarding a path that best satisfies the goals set forth by the MSTP; therefore, while individual students have unlimited access to the program administration, the Student Committee can serve as a unified student voice on the most important issues. The descriptions of some of the subcommittees are listed here. 

Student Admissions Committee

Students participating in the admissions subcommittee are divided into two groups. Senior students screen all incoming applications and help decide whether an admissions interview will be granted. Junior students, from various departments and stages of training, interview applicants during their visits to Pittsburgh.

Student interview evaluations are given the same weight as those of the faculty, and the student committee has a vote on the MSTP Admissions Committee. Thus, by contributing to the admissions process, students play an important role in shaping the future of the program. All committee materials and deliberations are confidential.

Student Hosting Committee

The MSTP students organize and provide hosts for the MSTP applicants who visit our campus for their initial interviews, as well as during their revisits to Pittsburgh. These students volunteer their time and residences to make it possible for our applicants to have a realistic exposure to our program. These students continue to communicate with the applicants by phone and e-mail, even after their visits, to provide advice and information that helps the candidates to decide whether the University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie Mellon University MSTP is the right program for them.

Student Mentoring Committee

Once a student has decided to join our MSTP community, we encourage them to begin learning about the city, the program, and research opportunities even before they begin. We try to identify existing students with similar interests who can assist our newest members in establishing themselves in Pittsburgh and in the academic community. New students can phone or e-mail their student mentors prior to arriving on campus and usually meet informally with them during their summer rotation prior to starting medical school. 

Annual Retreat

The annual retreat is a two-day, student-organized event usually held in August. It functions not only to introduce new students to the program, but also to provide a forum for scientific dialogue among faculty and students. Of course, it is also a much-anticipated, fun-filled event, including activities like guided whitewater rafting down the famous Youghiogheny River, a scavenger hunt, horseback riding, paint ball. poker games, campfire, and golfing. What me do next year hopefully will be up to you!


2019-2020 Student Leadership

Student Committee Chairpersons

Laura Molina, Gaelen Dwyer

Alumni Relations and Residency Committee Chairperson

Roger Tieu

Curriculum Committee Representatives 

Chairs: Hillary Wehry, Paolo Vignali, Michael Granovetter

Laura Molina, Stephanie Myal, Jenna Gale, Emma O'Leary, Shohini Ghosh-Choudhary

Diversity Committee Chairperson

Alexander Schuyler, Hector Nieves-Rosado

Ethics and Professionalism Committee Chairperson

Sam Dienel, Ansen Burr

Hosting Committee Chairperson

BaDoi Phan

Interviewing Committee

Chairperson: Ananya Mukundan

Alex Layden, Michael Granovetter, Phillip Mannes, Shohini Ghosh-Choudhary, Neil Carleton, Jenna Gale, Ansen Burr, Bryan Hurtle, Alison Butler, Wes Brown

Med/Grad Transitions Committee

Elliot Collins

Peer Mentorship Committee Chairperson

Michael Granovetter

Retreat Committee Chairpersons

Maxwell Wang, Raphael Crum

Screening Committee Chairpersons

Lloyd Harvey, Miranda Culley, Josh Wesalo, Adriana Johnson, Edgar Aranda-Michel, Stephanie Myal, Josh Tashman, Hilary Wehry, Jon Cohen, Oyin Dosunmu-Ogunbi

Second Look Committee Chairperson


Student Health Advocacy Resource Program (SHARP) Representatives

Elliot Collins, Gaelen Dwyer and Rahilla Tarfa

Tech Committee Chairperson

Amir Mina, Joseph Maggiore  

Welcome Committee Chairpersons

Hector Nieves, Jorna Sojati, Amir Mina

Women in Science Committee Chairperson

Jorna Sojati, Gaelen Dwyer, Maryanna Owoc, Ansen Burr

Workshop Committee Chairpersons

Emma O’Leary, Justin Sui