Strategies for Achieving Gender Equity and Work–Life Integration in Physician-Scientist Training by Shohini Ghosh-Choudhary

Substantial gender inequities persist across academic medicine. These issues are not new: Recent evidence still points to a chilly climate for women in academic medicine, including those in physician-scientist training. The discussion for how to address gender equity and issues of work–life integration typically centers around faculty and rarely includes trainees. The authors delineate specific strategies to address gender inequity in physician-scientist training by identifying key stakeholders for implementation and proposing areas to integrate these strategies with current training timelines. Strategies discussed include multiple-role mentoring, allyship training for trainees and faculty, early implementation of professional development sessions, incorporation of childcare and family-friendly policies, and additional policies from funding bodies to prioritize gender equity practices. The goal of this article is to equip trainees and the academic community with proactive strategies to create a more equitable environment for future generations of trainees in academic medicine.

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