Paolo Vignali, PhD

Education & Training

  • University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Representative Publications

Watson MJ, Vignali PDA, Mullett SJ, Overacre-Delgoffe AE, Peralta R, Grebinowski S, Menk AV, Rittenhouse NL, DePeaux K, Whetstone RD, Vignali DAA, Hand TW, Poholek AC, Morrison BM, Rothstein JD, Wendell SG, Delgoffe GM. (2021). Regulatory T cell functional identity is sustained by a glucose:lactate axis that is exploited in the tumor microenvironment. Nature. doi:

Scharping NE, Rivadeneria DB*, Menk AV*, Vignali PDA, Rittenhouse NL, Ford RB, Ronal P, DePeaux K, Poholek AC, Delgoffe GM. (2021). Metabolic stress induced by continuous stimulation under hypoxia rapidly promotes a terminally exhausted T cell state. Nature Immunology. doi:

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Career Advisor

Robert Ferris, MD, PhD

Thesis Advisor

Greg Delgoffe, PhD

Graduate Program

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Training Period

2016- Present

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