Rosemary Hanrahan MD, MPH, PCC

  • Certified Professional Coach, Beyond Words Wellness Resources, LLC

Education & Training

  • University of Pittsburgh – Medical School – MD
  • University of Pittsburgh – Multidisciplinary - MPH

Coaching Focus

Strategies to remain engaged, passionate and productive in a chosen profession

Coaching Summary

As a certified professional coach, author, nonprofit advocate, and physician, Dr.  Hanrahan, brings her coaching expertise to professionals and organizations in the academic, healthcare and nonprofit sectors. She is the owner and founder of Beyond Words Wellness Resources, LLC.  Dr. Hanrahan encourages clients to define their mission, vision, strengths, values and goals. Throughout the coaching engagement, she draws on recent evidence-based studies by the American Medical Association, the National Academy of Medicine, the Harvard Institute of Coaching and the Greater Good Science Center at Berkley to help clients develop personal and professional strategies to remain engaged, passionate and productive in their chosen profession.  Dr. Hanrahan leads workshops for community groups and nonprofit organizations on topics such as cultivating self-compassion and resilience, creating a wellness compass, and coaching practice evaluation. By promoting well-being and improving personal resiliency, clients are also able to positively impact on their work environment. Dr. Hanrahan’s coaching style is active, thoughtful, compassionate and strategic.  She also serves on several nonprofit boards.